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We supply a news agency with images and have been published in all the national newspapers, as well as international press on a regular basis.

Our images have featured weekly in local press publications over the past decade, in particular the sport section. We have provided coverage of different sporting events at all levels - from grassroot sport through to international events, including the Champions League, the rugby and football World Cup.

Our images are also published in the magazine industry, in books and have also featured on television in various countries.

We can provide video for your news organisation or company, including promotional videos, interviews and event coverage. We use a wide range of professional video equipment including drones.

In addition to photojournalist work, we produce a number of print and online publications for clients, using our photos and written content. Contact us to see how we can help create a publication for you.

In the meantime, if you want to take a look at our yearly review, please visit the link below. Our publications are hosted by issuu.com and for the full experience are best viewed on a laptop of desktop computer. However, you can view them on any tablet or smartphone device.

To have a look at our publications on issuu.com, click on the link below.

Read our publications on issuu.com

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